Activities, relax and guided adventures

Veľká Studená Valley is well-known for its many options of summer and winter activities and sports. Higher a mountain guide and experience even more.

Our valley also offers plenty of space to just relax, read a book, or listen to marmots.


Veľká Studená Valley is unique in High Tatras thanks to being a home to the biggest number of mountain lakes (26) of various sizes and types.

We highlight some of the best hiking trails…

Ski Touring

Veľká Studená Valley offers lots of terrain and options for beautiful ski touring trips and also extreme descents for the more experienced skiers.

We are happy to help you choose where to go…


We highly recommend that you buy a climbing guide book before visiting.

Some of our favourite climbs take place on walls of these peaks…

Guided ascents and adventures

Experience more!

Summiting a challenging peak is a life time experience for most mountain lovers. With a mountain guide you can take it a notch higher…


New challenges and experiences connect people.

Progress requires a change in thinking and that usually comes as a result of pushing one’s limits, exploring and learning…