Chalet access and location

Zbojnícka Chalet is located at an altitude of 1960m in the Veľká Studená Valley with several access routes leading to it.

The chalet is also on the traverse routes when crossing the Tatras from east to west (or vice versa), and also during the less known crossing from north to south.

GPS coordinates – latitude: 49.17657 ° , longitude: 20.16729 °

From Hrebienok and Starý Smokovec – the fastest and safest access

2,5 – 3h from Hrebienok (↑ 720m)
3,5 – 4h from Starý Smokovec (↑ 980m)

Route: Good hiking trail will lead you up our beautiful valley from Hrebienok (2,5-3h) which you can reach by cable car from Starý Smokovec. If you start already from Starý Smokovec then add another 30-40min to your hike.

Best conditions: This route can be followed in almost any conditions but best is between June and October. And with skis or snowshoes during winter and spring.

From Téryho Chalet – from the east

2,5 – 3h (↑ 370m, ↓ 400m)

Toute: Traversing over the Priečne Pass is very popular and is a challenge for many experienced hikers as you need to ascent the final sections with the help of chains.

This traverse allows for a beautiful loop Hrebienok > Téryho chata > Priečne sedlo > Zbojnícka chata > Hrebienok. Or in the opposite direction.

Best conditions: June to September, or without snow and ice. Best in dry conditions.

From Sliezky dom – from the west

3,5 – 4h (↑ 690m, ↓ 370m)

Route: A very nice trek that will bring you from Sliezsky dom (Velická Valley) over Prielom Pass and Poľský hrebeň (Polish Ridge) to our chalet.

Best conditions: June to September, or without snow and ice.

From Lysa Poľana – via Bielovodska Valley from the north

7 – 8h (↑ 1260m, ↓ 300m)

Route: Coming to our chalet from the north via Bielovodska Valley, the longest valley in Tatras, it is unlikely that you will meet other people. It’s a great adventure.

Best conditions: June to September, or without snow and ice.